About Me


I've always had an interest in photography but never really thought about giving it a go until 2016 I was given a Lumix bridge camera for my birthday, from that point on I was hooked!

After a few months, I found myself craving a DSLR to reach for that extra quality and try techniques I was watching on YouTube which I thought would be better with a higher end camera. I purchased a Nikon D3300, an honest entry level body but perfect for stepping into the world of DSLR's. I took the D3300 with me everywhere with my main focus at the time being wildlife but I still found myself craving more and getting gear envy. 

Nikon then announced the D500 which I knew was the perfect body for me with it's amazing 10fps, this camera has been my workhorse with it's quality not only for wildlife but now I have moved into other types of photography such as Landscape, Portrait and Street photography. I'm always looking to learn new techniques and collaborate with other creators. I've been fortunate enough to take my camera to some amazing countries like Iceland, USA and Australia.

Be sure to check out my Instagram @sheardphotography for regular updates and images which aren't on the website.